Milly Dowler suffered ‘bullying over looks’

On March 21, 2002, 13 year old Milly Dowler disappeared in Walton on Thames.  The murdered Surrey schoolgirl, was bullied over her looks when she started secondary school, the Old Bailey has heard.  Her best friend Hannah MacDonald said Milly told her she was called names at Heathside School, Weybridge.

Hannah gave evidence at the trial of Levi Bellfield, and said said Milly told her she tried to cut her wrists with a dinner knife but did not break the skin. Miss McDonald said they made friends during a school trip to Germany and while they were on holiday Milly told her she had suffered minor bullying at Heathside School, in Weybridge, Surrey.

She added: “She did mention that prior to going on the trip she had a fall-out with girls in her form. Then I met Milly and we became friends.”  The court was told Milly had been called “big nose” and other names and was sensitive about her nostrils.  Miss McDonald added: “I think it was fairly trivial. At the time of our friendship, she was not depressed but she was depressed during the bullying in year seven.  “She was a joker. She would always make you smile. She had funny voices she used.”  BBC

Other friends also testified.  George Reid said Milly would chat to him if she was upset at school.  Milly was “her usual, bubbly self” on the morning of her disappearance, according to Elize Lomas.  Cheryl Fryer, who had been at the Brownies with Milly, said: “I do not believe that Amanda would go anywhere with a stranger because she is too sensible.”

Amanda Dowler’s remains, who was also known as Milly,  six months after her disappearance in woods in Yateley Heath, Hampshire.  Bellfield, 42, denies murdering her, and also denies attempting to kidnap another girl the day before.



  1. Janet

    Milly Dowler murder accused ‘disappeared’

    The man accused of killing Milly Dowler “disappeared” on the day the schoolgirl went missing, a court has heard.

  2. Janet


    Levi Bellfield guilty of Milly Dowler murder

    Former nightclub doorman Levi Bellfield has been found guilty of murdering 13-year-old Milly Dowler.

  3. Janet

    Levi Bellfield: Milly Dowler family paid ‘too high a price’

    The family of murdered 13-year-old Milly Dowler have said they paid “too high a price” for the conviction of Levi Bellfield.

  4. Janet

    ‘Changes needed’ to system after Milly Dowler trial

    The man who oversaw the Milly Dowler murder investigation says the justice system will be undermined if victims are not treated sensitively in court.

  5. Robert


    Recently, the mothers of gang members in prison, held a demonstration demanding the “right” to their children.
    Here is the response of a citizen mother, to a protesting mother:

    “I saw your strong protest in front of TV cameras in the recent demonstration in favour of the reunification of prisoners and their transfer to prisons closer to their family, and with better benefits.
    I saw you complain about the distance that separates you from your son, and how expensive it is for you to visit him because of that distance.
    I also saw the media coverage devoted to this demonstration you had with the support of other mothers in the same situation and others who only wanted to show solidarity with you. You also had the support of some organizations, worker unions, human rights agencies and entities as well as NGOs.
    I am also a mother and I can understand your objection and indignation.
    Huge is the distance that separates me from my son.
    Identical are the difficulties and expense I have to visit him.
    With much sacrifice I only can visit him on Sundays because I work even on Saturdays to support and educate the rest of the family.
    Joyfully, I also have the support of friends, family, etc.
    If you do not know me, I am the mother of the young man who was heading to work and was assaulted and fatally wounded by bullets fired by your child.
    At the next visit, when you’re hugging and kissing your son in jail I will be visiting mine in the cemetery and lay flowers on his grave.
    Ah! I forgot, earning little and holding the home economy through the taxes I pay, your child will sleep on a mattress and eat every day. Or putting it in another way, I will continue upholding your criminal child.
    Neither to my house nor in the cemetery, no representative of these entities (NGOs) so supportive to you, ever came to support me or devote a few words of encouragement. Not even to tell me what my rights are!

    If you agree with this letter, make it g around!
    Perhaps among all, we can turn round these values in our country, where criminals, thieves, terrorists and corrupt have more rights than honest citizens and workers who only wish to live in peace.

  6. Janet

    News of the World vows action on Milly phone hack claim

    News International boss Rebekah Brooks has promised the “strongest possible action” if claims that the phone of Milly Dowler was hacked are proven.

  7. Janet

    Milly Dowler: Prison service liable for attack on killer

    The prison service has admitted liability after Milly Dowler’s killer was attacked in jail.

  8. Janet

    Claims of a police leak over Milly Dowler case to be investigated

    The police watchdog is investigating a claim that an officer on the Milly Dowler murder case gave information to the News of the World newspaper.

  9. Janet

    Dowlers back ‘no-win, no-fee’ legal system

    The family of Milly Dowler says planned changes to “no win, no fee” cases would have stopped them seeking compensation from News International.


  10. Janet

    Murdoch to Pay $3.2 Million to Schoolgirl’s Family

    Rupert Murdoch’s company said Friday it has agreed to pay $3.2 million to the family of a murdered schoolgirl whose phone was hacked by the tabloid News of the World.“>Fox News

  11. Janet

    Leveson inquiry: Lawyer tells of Dowler family’s false hope

    A lawyer has told the phone-hacking inquiry of the “euphoria” felt by Milly Dowler’s mother when she found messages deleted on her daughter’s phone.


  12. Janet

    Paper did hack Milly phone – Police

    The News of the World got Milly Dowler’s mobile phone number from school friends, says Surrey Police.


  13. Janet

    Milly Dowler’s phone messages a mystery, police say

    The truth about how two voicemail messages on Milly Dowler’s phone were deleted may never be known, the Leveson Inquiry into media ethics has heard.“>BBC

  14. Janet

    Police ‘told of Milly voicemail’ by managing editor Kuttner

    The News of the World’s managing editor told police the newspaper listened to murdered girl Milly Dowler’s voicemail while she was still thought to be missing, a jury has heard.


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