Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico

Written by Janet

It is now day 9 since the explosion on the offshore oilrig in the Gulf of Mexico, near the state of Louisiana.  As of today, the U.S. Airforce was planning to spray oil dispersing chemicals off the coast of Louisiana, to help tackle the huge oil slick….but why did it take so long?  Usually, they burn the lighter oil, and the more dense would then sink to the bottom of the ocean.  Unfortunately, the burning didn’t work.

The dangers of an ecological disaster are coming true….as it reaches shore, and the oil keeps spilling, the fishing industry and wildlife are endangered.  Animal rescue groups have started receiving their first patients.  Seabirds are arriving, coated in thick oil.  And the weather is now hampering the operation…..Strong winds have begun to push the oil into inlets, ponds and lakes in south-east Louisiana.

The booms that were put in place to try and contain the oil slick, are now in jeopardy of failing as heavy seas have started the oil moving over the containment booms.  The U.S. Navy also has brought in more booms and other equipment.  Even fisherman whose livelihood is threatened have been brought in to help. 

Originally, it was thought only 1,000 barrels a day were leaking but it is more in the area of 5,000.  The Deep Horizon rig which exploded and sank last week is owned by BP.  Still, the cause of the blast is unknown and 11 workers are still missing.  Alabama has joined Louisiana and Florida in declaring a state of emergency.  The Louisiana National Guard is on standby to help with security, medical needs and engineering.

There are 1,900 emergency workers and more than 300 ships and aircraft in the area.  At the same time the U.S. government is pressing BP to stop the leak. 

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano flew to Louisiana with other officials and urge the British oil and gas giant to use “additional assets to help lead the response in this effort”.

“We will continue to push BP to engage in the strongest possible response,” she said.    

Meanwhile, BP is sending teams underwater with remotely operated vehicles to try to shut off an underwater valve, but so far they have been unsuccessful.  They are also doing relief drilling to relieve some of the pressure which is supposed to slow the leak.  The US government also has put a hold on offshore drilling until the cause of the spill is determined. 


  1. newsdeskinternational

    Obama set to visit Gulf on Sunday for spill update

    President Barack Obama made plans to visit the Gulf Coast on Sunday for a firsthand update on the worst U.S. oil spill in decades and Cabinet members leading the administration’s response booked a heavy round of talk show appearances.


  2. newsdeskinternational
  3. newsdeskinternational

    La. gov: Still no detailed plans on spill cleanup

    Louisiana’s governor says he still has not received detailed plans from oil giant BP PLC and the Coast Guard on protecting the state’s coast from a massive oil spill.


  4. newsdeskinternational

    Administration team defends oil spill response

    President Barack Obama awaited a firsthand update on the Gulf Coast oil spill as two members of his Cabinet on Sunday outlined the “very grave” environmental impact and sought to counter criticism the government had reacted slowly.


  5. newsdeskinternational

  6. newsdeskinternational

    Oil spill grows, with little success stopping flow

    BP’s chairman defended his company’s safety record and said Sunday that “a failed piece of equipment” was to blame for a massive oil spill along the Gulf Coast, where President Barack Obama was headed for a firsthand update on the slick creeping toward American shores.


  7. newsdeskinternational

    British Petroleum Caps One of Three Gulf Oil Leaks

    British Petroleum was able to cap one of the three Gulf of Mexico oil leaks on the Deepwater Horizon overnight, officials confirmed to New Orleans’ Fox 8 on Wednesday, but the oil giant will still move ahead with a specially built giant concrete-and-steel box designed to siphon the oil away.


  8. newsdeskinternational

    Crews readying oil containment box

    Crews prepared Thursday to lower a 100-ton box they hoped would cut off most of the crude spewing from a blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico, the urgency of their task underscored by oil that started washing up on delicate barrier islands.


  9. newsdeskinternational

    BP contractor: Oil containment box still settling

    A BP PLC contractor is saying that the 100-ton containment box is still settling in the mud over a massive leak in the Gulf of Mexico.


  10. The Destructionist

    I have a sinking feeling that this oil disaster is being downplayed and may be much larger than we think. I wanted to know just how much oil was flowing into the ocean from that broken pipeline (in both barrels and in gallons) so I did some research on my own.

    Barrels vs. Gallons

    Most news articles claim that since April 21, 2010 roughly 4 million gallons of sweet crude have been leaked into the Gulf at a rate of 210,000 gallons per day. But according to an Associated Press article just posted today (What went wrong at oil rig? A lot), approximately 4,000,000 barrels have already spilled into the Gulf. When you convert those barrels into gallons, you end up with a whopping 168,000,000 gallons of oil: that’s a difference of 164,000,000 gallons from the previous estimate!

    (Don’t believe me? Read the articles and convert the measurements for yourself.)




  11. jjoshuajj21

    The only THING that government officials and corporate authorities are good at is “Good Sounding Words!” But look at reality, they are so incompetent that they cannot be any benefit to us even when they endanger our lives; however, look at how beneficial we are to them (taxation, fines, permits, and licenses), and we can’t withhold this benefit from them because they will defend this parasitical-attachment with violence and death. So, wake-up, this is the best example of Unrewarded Human Sacrifice, where the government and corporations live-off OUR mind and effort WITHOUT mutual benefits in return. If you believe you deserve better, then take a look at my petition for writ of mandamus, and discover how to expose these parasitical-authorities, and beat them at their own game >>> http://amurderconspiracy.wordpress.com/ <<<

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