Eight year old tied to coffee table at night

Written by Janet

In Cleveland, Ohio, police have arrested a mother and a man for ordering the  sister of an eight year old to hog tie him with duct tape, to a coffee table, while the mother slept.  Just before dawn this Thursday, police received a call from a fifteen year old boy, who said his mother made his sister tie the younger child up each night, or she would be beaten.

When police arrived at the home they found the younger boy on the floor, with both his hands and feet bound behind his back with tape and a shoelace around his neck. They say his feet were tied to the table.

From the ordeal the boy’s hands were discolored which means he may have been tied up for some time.  Both the mother and her male friend were asleep, and police took them both into custody.  Charges may be pending upon conclusion of the investigation.  In total, nine children were taken into custody.


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  1. newsdeskinternational

    Ohio Couple Who Hog-Tied Son With Duct Tape Hit With 196-Count Indictment

    The parents of an 8-year-old boy found hog-tied with duct tape and tied to a coffee table have been indicted on a series of charges.


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