Democrats attack Dino Rossi

Written by Janet

It looks like the Democrats are getting a bit worried, as they’ve already started an attack on “possible” Senate candidate Dino Rossi, in Washington State.  If he decides to run, he would be against Patty Murray.  This attack stems from a $20,000 deliquent property tax, which is owed by his business partners.

Rossi, was a two time gubernatorial candidate and is thinking of running against incumbent Patty Murray.  He said the Democrat attacks are inaccurate, as he has no ties to the property in question…typical Democratic dirt digging.  There seems to be unpaid property taxes on a building in Everett owned by a real estate firm with ties to Rossi.  Rossi’s ties though, had they checked first, with the firm is arranged through a separate company that doesn’t have a stake in the ownership of the property. 

This shows how nervous the Democrats really are.  Polls say it is close between Rossie and Murray.  Rossi said this whole affair is an overreaction by a frightened Murray.  He said he is considering running, and this makes him consider it even more.

Democrats are trying to say this taints Rossi’s standing.  But Republicans have been trying to recruit Rossi for weeks.  And to prove the Democrats are running scared, they’ve opened a website and called it “Dirty Deals Dino”, that is trying to taint Rossi’s real estate deals as questionable. 

As for the property tax bill, Tom Hoban, chief executive of Coast Equity Partners explains that according to the lease agreement, tenants are obligated to pay the property taxes, but this company is out of business, which now leaves the bill to the investors.

Of course, Murry has no comment…..




  1. newsdeskinternational

    Rossi expected to enter Senate race soon; hires key staff

    Republican Dino Rossi is hiring key campaign staffers and is expected to officially enter the U.S. Senate race against incumbent Patty Murray as early as Wednesday.

    Pat Shortridge, senior strategist for Florida Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio, has signed on to become Rossi’s campaign manager, according to a person directly involved with Rossi’s campaign. Shortridge, a political consultant based in Minnesota, was an aid to former House Majority Leader Dick Armey. Politico first reported that Shortridge has signed on with Rossi.

    The person involved in the campaign said earlier today that Tom Goff, who worked on former Safeco CEO Mike McGavick’s unsuccessful challenge against Sen. Maria Cantwell in 2006, would serve in a key role. However, the person now says it’s unclear if Goff will be involved, and Goff said he hasn’t been offered or accepted a job with Rossi.

    Mary Lane Strow, Rossi’s spokewoman during his first run for Washington governor, will work as part-time communications consultant.

    Rossi has publicly toyed with the idea of running for the U.S. Senate ever since a GOP pollster in January reported that a race between him and Murray could be a statistical dead heat. Subsequent polls showed that Rossi could be competitive, despite Murray’s edge.

    Thanks to his two failed runs against Gov. Christine Gregoire, Rossi arguably is the state’s best-known Republican. But he faces a dozen GOP rivals as well as Murray’s formidable campaign account of $6 million on hand.

  2. newsdeskinternational

    GOP Sen. candidate Rossi says US borders are weak

    A day after officially entering the U.S. Senate race against powerful Democrat Patty Murray, Republican Dino Rossi took a hard line on immigration reform Thursday, saying that the federal government’s ability to secure U.S. borders has been a “colossal failure.”

  3. newsdeskinternational

    GOP Sen. candidate Rossi raises more than $600,000

    Republican Senate candidate Dino Rossi says he has raised more than $600,000 within a week of announcing he was jumping into the race against Democratic Sen. Patty Murray.

  4. newsdeskinternational

    New Poll: Murray and Rossi tied

    Incumbent Democrat Patty Murray and Republican challenger Dino Rossi are tied in Washington’s U.S. Senate race, according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

  5. newsdeskinternational

    In her 2nd speech, Murray goes after Rossi

    In her second speech at the Washington state Democratic convention, U.S. Sen. Patty Murray went after Republican challenger Dino Rossi saying that “unlike some others in this race” she never wondered if running was the right decision.

  6. newsdeskinternational

    Murray’s anti-Rossi video using Billy Joel song dies young

    While it may be true, as Billy Joel once said, that only the good die young, campaign videos that improperly use a copyrighted song die quick.

  7. newsdeskinternational

    Murray, Rossi go after each other, ignore others
    U.S. Senate: 13 outsider candidates form alliances, play up contrasts

    A large field of candidates for the U.S. Senate won’t be winnowed down to two until the Aug. 17 primary, but Patty Murray and Dino Rossi are acting like they’re already in a head-to-head fight.

    Read more:

  8. newsdeskinternational

    WA Sen: Rossi moves right ahead of primary

    Even with his advancement to November’s general election all but assured, U.S. Senate candidate Dino Rossi has moved noticeably to the right in recent weeks — a shift that has Democrats in Washington state salivating as they try to bolster endangered incumbent Patty Murray.

  9. newsdeskinternational

    First general election poll puts Rossi ahead; confirms competitive race

    The first KING 5 Senate poll for the 2010 general election shows Republican Dino Rossi is actually ahead of Democratic incumbent Patty Murray, 52% to 45%.

  10. newsdeskinternational

    Tea Party activists endorse Dino Rossi

    Despite Republican Clint Didier’s statement that “his people” would not support Republican Dino Rossi, Tea Party activists in Seattle today are giving their support to Rossi.

  11. newsdeskinternational

    Some in tea party back Rossi for Senate

    Some Washington state tea party activists have endorsed Republican Dino Rossi’s campaign against Democrat Patty Murray for U.S. Senate.

    Read more:

  12. newsdeskinternational

    We have to remember here that this is a Democrat state, and Seattle area runs things, so no, I don’t believe these crooked polls. Nor do I believe democrat lies.

    New poll puts Murray over Rossi

    An Elway poll has flipped things around in Washington’s US Senate Race with Patty Murray at 50 percent to Rossi’s 41 percent.

    Last month, a KING 5/Survey USA poll had Dino Rossi ahead by seven points over Patty Murray. Then in early September, Rasmussen had him up two.

    Part of the inconsistency in survey numbers is in the way the companies do their research.

    “We use live interviewers, they use automated dialing and calling,” says pollster Stuart Elway.

    Elway says things are looking good for the incumbent.

    “There aren’t enough undecided or soft votes out there, even if you’ve got all of them, to win.”

    Elway says baby boomers and women are Patty Murray’s biggest supporters.

  13. newsdeskinternational

    If this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!!!!! Isn’t politics grand? Yet they said so much about Rossi….

    Report: Former Murray staffers land earmarks

    More than a dozen of Sen. Patty Murray’s ex-staffers have become lobbyists, and their connections appear to be paying off: Nearly $20 million of the Democrat’s defense earmark requests would benefit the clients of her former employees, The Seattle Times reported Thursday.

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