Legal status won’t be checked in Tucson schools

Written by Janet

Although Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the immigration bill, the Tucson school district won’t be checking the legal status of its students.  The employees won’t do the checks and neither will they accept threats against any of their students.

“I have serious concerns and I would like to be able to assure families who come to TUSD that their child is going to get an education regardless of their status, and that we’re not going to be doing immigration enforcement on our campuses,” board member Adelita Grijalva said after a meeting Tuesday.

What this law has to do according to officials is be consistent to the federal law.  Officials in Tucson say they can’t deny a public education to anyone according to their legal status.  And religious organizations say the law goes against the values of most Arizonians….hmm, I’m not too sure on that, as they want to feel safe in their homes and they aren’t with all the border violence.

The law states there can be no massive roundups of the illegals.   Legal immigrants and U.S. citizens have nothing to fear from the law’s provisions.  Many illegals are waiting to see the outcome of the legal challenges before they decide to leave the state.

After signing this bill last week, Governor Brewer got a bump in the polls.


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