Fleas shut down dept of health

Written by Janet

Well bring out the Zodiac flea spray and bring in the lavendar oil….get rid of them the natural way…Fairfield County in Ohio has been forced to shut down its health department building, they’ve been invaded – with fleas. 

Fleas are nasty little blood suckers, and do carry disease.  But officials don’t believe there is any health risk in Lancaster.  This is about 30 miles southeast of  Columbus.  It appears the fleas are a recurring problem, and have been a nuisance to the employees for many years. 

All appointments have to be rescheduled until the flea problem is erradicated.



  1. Geezer

    Fleas live outdoors anywhere there are wild animals and are spread when the animals move around. You could walk through an area of your lawn and get a few fleas on your legs or pants then when you come inside and the fleas start reproducing your house is infected with fleas especially if you have pets. With the anti flea topical oils for pets on the market today there’s no excuse for a house infection.

  2. Jerrie

    But there are some parasites that can only be seen by a microscope.

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