Utah boy may lose feet—-parents arrested

Written by Janet

The Mother> 

One of the worse cases of child abuse seen in Utah.  A Vernal couple dismissed their young son’s worsening medical condition for so long that portions of his feet may have to be amputated.  The parents, Francis D. Napolitano, 53, and his wife, Michelle Napolitano, 33, each face one count of second-degree felony child abuse, according to 8th District Court documents. 

Earlier this month, Uintah County Sheriff’s Detective Leonard Isaacson, filed probable cause statements stemming from a Dec. 31 visit to the Napolitano’s Uintah County home by deputies acting on a state Division of Child and Family Services caseworker’s complaint that the boy was not receiving proper medical care.

Isaacson said that both Francis Napolitano, the boy’s stepfather, and the child’s mother, Michelle Napolitano, claimed they had taken the 5-year-old to a local clinic a week earlier after he complained of itching on one of his feet. The doctor, they said, had “warmed” the foot and sent them home with Benadryl, an antihistamine often prescribed for allergies.

When the parents gave Isaacson permission to look at the boy’s feet, they were in worse condition than imagined.  Both feet looked like they had been elasticized, and they looked like they had belonged to a burn victim, having open blisters and bleeding sores.  The skin was peeling off and curling into the air.  The toes were in stages of decomposition, the deputy said in the statement.

The detective also contacted the clinic mentioned, and found there was no record of the boy being seen there, or even treated.  The child was taken to Ashley Valley Regional Medical Center, where Isaacson said a physician told him the boy would have to be taken to Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City — and that he may need amputation of damaged areas of his feet.

The boy’s condition couldn’t be determined.  Michelle Napolitano first told Isaacson, at first insisted the boy had been treated, but later acknowledged he had not; that she had actually called a sister she claimed worked as a nurse, and that she had told the mother on the phone to “watch for infection.  

Both Napolitanos were arrested, booked into Uintah County Jail and released on Jan. 1 after posting $5,000 bail bonds, booking records show.

Isaacson said the case has been turned over to the Uintah County Attorney’s Office. No court dates had been set as of Tuesday.

The stepfather>>



  1. janedoe

    I live in Newcastle where this family moved from and am very familiar wih them.the state of WY should be horrified for giving these children back to these parents. Talk to any of the 3,000+ residents. the Napolitanos are well known-and not for the good they do for the community. i bet every resident has a child abuse/neglect story theyve witnessed with their own eyes. They are HORRIBLE parents. People who are damaged as severe as them will only raise their children the same way. Do not make yourself look dumber by saying “well maybe they didn’t have medical” or “maybe she was a battered wife”. they have money they just choose to spend it on drugs and alcohol. and even if they didn’t have medical you take your kid to the doctor. i am a mother of 3 and am sickened by this. we all saw something like this happening. Please instead of using your energy to stick up for these horrible monsters use it to make sure they NEVER have a chance to hurt these beautiful children again.

  2. newsdeskinternational

    The court date is now January 25.

  3. Wish I didn't know!

    I’m from Newcastle Wyoming as well. Frankie is and has always been sterile. It is no secret from us who got too close. She goes out and gets pregnant from whomever and he claims them when it suits him. I’ve read in other forums that he has been abusing the kids too. With these two animals, drugs and booze are rampant!!
    This couple, together has the ability to do anything, and I’m sure the truth has still not been shared. You can bet it’s worse.
    What to do for the children is most important, can we as a world community help them? WILL they ever be able to move on from this? PRAY PEOPLE PRAY!
    As far as Frankie and Michelle, hang ’em high. And what has been mentioned about their looks, yep, that’s how their children had to view them everyday, except maybe More harsh.

    And I agree with anyone that says that the Newcastle authorities LET THE CHILDREN DOWN.

  4. Wish I didn't know!

    One thing I forgot to mention. They have NEVER had a problem coming up with money. $10,000 bond, (5K each) is chump change the way these two get their money. I thought it was suposed to be a burden to keep them in line. Frankie has already been seen in Newcastle since this has happened.

  5. newsdeskinternational

    More on the condition of the boy’s feet>>>>

    When questioned about the cause of the injuries, Michelle Napolitano told authorities that another child in the home had put an elasticized bracelet around the boy’s legs on Dec. 23, Isaacson said. She said she cut the bracelet off the following day.

    But while doctors say the injuries are consistent with a constrictive band of some kind being placed around the child’s legs, they told investigators the band would have to have been on the boy for much longer than one day.

    And the father’s reply>>>>>

    Issacson said when he asked Francis Napolitano why he hadn’t sought treatment for his stepson, the man said he was “scared to because of his wife.” The man ended the interview when he was asked why he didn’t report the alleged abuse to police.

    DCFS has filed a petition in 8th District Juvenile Court seeking custody of all six children in the Napolitano home. A hearing on that petition is scheduled for Thursday.

    The Napolitanos were arrested and booked into the Uintah County Jail. They each posted bail and are set to make their first court appearances on Jan. 25.

  6. Manda

    This is absolutely horrible especially to know that these two people came from my hometown, and that they have all the money to get them what they want when they want it. After reading all these comments they only cater to themselves and not to others such as their own children!

  7. newsdeskinternational

    Vernal woman in abuse case gets an order against ex

    A woman accused of failing to obtain medical care for her 5-year-old son, making it necessary for doctors to amputate all of the boy’s toes, has been granted a protective order against her co-defendant, who is her ex-husband.


  8. renee

    Most of you should feel lucky to say that you dont know these people, michelle mostly. The dfs ( department of family services) in Newcastle was called to there home more then once the children were removed more then once and each time for whatever reason they were given back to michelle. One time in the grocery store I ran into michelle and three of the girls I made a comment about how pretty the second to oldest daughter was and michelle stood there and said ” No shes not shes ugly. Tell her you’re ugly Norma tell her” The little girl looked down at the ground and said I’m ugly. It broke my heart. Michelle spent most of her teenage years fighting with every one she would beat the life out of some one before she could be stopped, her and another girl beat a girl in the head until she was bleeding from her ears and ended up loosing her hearing in one ear. Michelle is mean she always has been and you can’t change someone like that especially since she sees nothing wrong with it. It’s like she gets some sort of sick pleasure out of hurting people especially those who have no way of fighting back. I hope for her childrens sake they take those kids and place them far far away from her where she can’t have anything to do with them. No one knows the extent of what was going on in that household but I’d bet a million dollars that this is the tip of the iceberg. The state of wyoming should be ashamed they failed all of these kids miserably and they’re probably too afraid to tell the truth about what happened in that house because they’re afraid of being sent back. Maybe now someone will do what is right.

  9. newsdeskinternational

    Vernal mom gets prison for hanging son upside-down

    It wasn’t until months after Michelle Napolitano’s children were taken from her that prosecutors learned the extent of the abuse that caused her 5-year-old son’s feet to be partially amputated.

    During a sentencing hearing Tuesday, the Vernal boy told a judge how his mother tied a rope around his legs and hung him upside-down in a doorway.

    Deputy Uintah County Attorney Gregory Lamb said the boy was left hanging for “a significant amount of time — a day, or three to four days.”

    The loss of circulation from the rope caused an infection that resulted in amputation of all the boys’ toes and portions of his feet, Lamb said.

    Napolitano, 32, pleaded guilty to a second-degree felony count of intentionally inflicting serious bodily injury on a child, as well as five class A misdemeanor counts of intentionally inflicting serious bodily injury on a child.

    On Tuesday, 8th District Judge A. Lynn Payne ordered all six sentences to run consecutively and said he hoped Napolitano would serve every day of the 20-year sentence.

    Lamb told The Tribune the true extent and depravity of what happened “trickled out” only after the victim and his five siblings, ranging in age from 2½ to 12, were sent to foster homes and gradually became more comfortable talking about events in the family home.

    According to statements filed in January by the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office, the charges stem from a Dec. 31 visit to the Napolitano home after a state Division of Child and Family Services caseworker complained the boy was not receiving proper medical care.


  10. julia

    this is so horrible.. My ex husband married this crazy lady then proceeded to have another baby that makes what 8/? then they give that baby away because they know the state of utah will give that one away also. Michelle is in jail facing 30 years and guess what she deserves every one of them. I have 5 kids at the age of 5 this mom was still helping them shower and doing body checks. I am grateful when my kids go visit their daddy that the stupid lady is behind bars! Atleast my kids are old enough to talk to me or daddy would NEVER see them. WHy marry a crazy lady who cant even take care of her kids? he has 3 others, and cant care for them.. great couple huh?

  11. julia

    Wow after reading about this hanging i am so not surprised! my daughter witnessed michelle ordering her daughters clothes off in front of everyone and ran ice cold water and told her to get in it for punishment after getting out after a long time the poor girl was shaking and freezing. This bitch should rot in hell!

  12. newsdeskinternational

    Mom hung boy by feet for days

    (UPI) — A Utah woman has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for abuse that included hanging her 5-year-old son upside down for up to four days, authorities said.

    The boy testified at Michelle Napolitano’s sentencing hearing Tuesday, The Salt Lake Tribune reported Wednesday. Judge A. Lynn Payne told Napolitano he hoped she would serve the entire sentence without parole.

    Prosecutors said the boy lost all of his toes and parts of his feet to amputation.

    Deputy Uintah County Prosecutor Gregory Lamb said when Napolitano’s six children were first removed from their home in Vernal investigators did not realize how seriously they had been abused. He said they gradually opened up after some time in foster homes and began talking about what they had endured.

    Napolitano pleaded guilty to intentionally inflicting serious injury on her son and to five misdemeanor counts involving his siblings. Payne ordered that Napolitano serve the sentenced consecutively.

  13. Sandy

    One of the articles said the kids were put in a trunk with out food or water, anyone know if this was a car trunk or trunk in the house?

  14. newsdeskinternational

    Daughter to judge: please lock up Mom

    A Vernal woman who hung her young son upside down by a rope, leading doctors to have to amputate parts of the boy’s feet, received a prison term and a scolding last week from an 8th District Court judge.


  15. Janet

    Father enters plea in abuse of son

    Michele Napolitano initially told investigators that one of the boy’s siblings had put an elastic band around the boy’s feet. She later admitted to binding the boys hands and feet and then hanging him upside down over a door for at least 24 hours, …


  16. Worrysome People

    This is absolutely horrible that all of this has happened, horrible that through many failed attempts she has had her kids returned multiple times. She would send the craziest text messages to people at 3 am about “Demons” in her attic, that she was an empty shell who can never do any good, on and on. It doesn’t matter that she stabbed a boyfriend in front of her oldest kids in Newcastle, the children were never saved from that home in Newcastle. Her fury became even more disgusting and horrific after her older sister’s death. I don’t know how many times she has had the cops called on her, the kids taken from her, only to be returned. I feel as thought the Newcastle Police Dept could have prevented the anguish these children have suffered. It’s not fair to them that Frank and Michele only had $5,000 bonds at the time in Utah either! That is chump change for those two sadistic demons. I don’t feel like it’s fair to the children, that she is only getting 20 YEARS! She needs life imprisonment for ruining innocent lives, for hurting helpless children. I can not believe that she got married to another man, how could he not see what she was doing? How can you be married to someone and “not” know anything about what was going on with those children. How can the person that saw the little girl getting told to strip down naked and get into cold water not say anything? HOW COULD ANY WITNESSES NOT DO ANYTHING?! HOW?! For all those witnesses in Newcastle just now speaking up on a forum, what is wrong with you? How can you say something broke your heart if you never did anything about it? How do you think those poor children feel? They’re are extremely lucky to have such great homes take them in at this moment but that will never change what they are going through.

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