WWE’s Linda McMahon running for Senate

Written by Janet

Very interesting…..

News of McMahon’s candidacy is sure to draw mixed reviews from people who either love or loathe the royal family of wrestling, particularly McMahon’s husband, Vince — a man known for his on-screen temper. 

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    WWE mogul charges into Conn. political smackdown

    Linda McMahon has had some infamous moments in the ring — kicking a man in the groin, getting slapped across the face by her daughter, and sitting in a wheelchair, feigning a coma, as her famous husband cavorted before thousands of screaming fans with a scantily clad “Diva.”

    McMahon last year stepped away from her wild World Wrestling Entertainment empire to climb into the political ring, where she has parlayed some of her experience with attention-getting stunts into a viable Republican candidacy to succeed the retiring Chris Dodd in the U.S. Senate.

    As the state GOP prepares to endorse a candidate Friday, McMahon unabashedly acknowledges her campaign used some of the $50 million she has pledged for the race to provide “some things” for a news report that front runner Richard Blumenthal, the state’s popular Democratic attorney general, had distorted his record of military service during the Vietnam War.


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  3. newsdeskinternational

    Wrestler’s widow suing WWE, Conn. Senate candidate

    The widow of a World Wrestling Entertainment performer who died in a 1999 stunt says she’s suing the Connecticut-based company and its leaders, including Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon.


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  5. newsdeskinternational

    Vince McMahon sick of Sen. campaign WWE smackdowns

    Vince McMahon, chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, says his wife’s political opponents are taking unfair shots at his company using out-of-context footage — such as old images of a wrestler committing necrophilia or McMahon demanding that a scantily clad female wrestler bark like a dog — as part of an attempt to discredit her U.S. Senate candidacy.


  6. newsdeskinternational

    McMahon takes GOP Senate primary in Connecticut

    Linda McMahon of Connecticut, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, easily won the Republican Senate nomination Tuesday night, joining the nationwide roster of political outsiders who will carry the GOP banner into the fall campaign. In Colorado, appointed Sen. Michael Bennet built a solid lead over his Democratic primary challenger.

    On a four-state primary night, former Rep. Nathan Deal led ex-Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel narrowly in late returns in a Republican gubernatorial runoff. The two vied for the right to take on former Democratic Gov. Roy Barnes in November.

    And in Minnesota, conservative State Rep. Tom Emmer easily won the Republican nomination for governor. Four Democrats sought the opposing spot on the ballot.

  7. newsdeskinternational

    McMahon to spend whatever necessary in Connecticut

    Former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon, the newly nominated Republican Senate candidate in Connecticut, said Wednesday she’s ready to spend whatever it takes to beat Democrat Richard Blumenthal.

    Appearing on a network news program, McMahon brushed off accusations she made millions by promoting an industry allegedly rife with violence and steroid abuse.

    Asked about this on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” McMahon said the entertainment model “will continue to evolve.” She has said she plans to spend up to $50 million of her own money in the fall, telling the network: “It’s money I’ve earned. It’s money I’m willing to invest.”

    McMahon warned Democrats that a negative campaign against her could backfire.

    Meanwhile, the Blumenthal campaign announced Wednesday that it will begin airing its first television ad of the general election. The ad, entitled “Stand Up”, is a 30-second spot that was to begin airing Wednesday morning on statewide television.

    “There is a clear choice in this election, and this ad reinforces that Dick Blumenthal is the only candidate in this race with a record of fighting for the people of Connecticut and standing up to the special interests,” said Mindy Myers, campaign manager for the attorney general.

  8. newsdeskinternational

    And now the theatrics continue>>>>>

    McMahon hammers Blumenthal on honesty in Conn. Senate race

    Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s words are haunting him again.


  9. newsdeskinternational

    the man is a moron…..women are smart and them voted into congress, are proving it, minus Pelosi….

    Obama urges Conn. voters to go with Dem for Senate

    President Barack Obama warned Connecticut voters on Thursday against taking a chance on Republican candidate Linda McMahon, a former professional wrestling executive, as he waded into the state’s hard-fought Senate race.


  10. newsdeskinternational

    McMahon Pulls Even With Blumenthal, Faces Blistering Attack From National Dems

    Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon’s sudden surge against the once-invincible Dick Blumenthal in the Connecticut Senate race has put Blumenthal, the Democratic state attorney general, on the ropes and bolstered Republican hopes of taking control of the upper chamber.


  11. newsdeskinternational

    Those democrats are desparate aren’t they? And dirty…

    Seems they’ve attacked Linda McMahan the Republican Senatorial Candidate for Conn,. and have launched a tv ad saying what a bad CEO she is…..sit back and enjoy the circus…

    The ad focuses on McMahon’s work at World Wrestling Entertainment, where she was the CEO until last fall, when she decided to run for her first public office. It accuses her of laying off workers while taking bonuses for herself, spending thousands on lobbyists to secure tax breaks, and supporting corporate tax breaks.

    The ad refers to McMahon as “a bad CEO” who would be “a worse senator.”

    In response, McMahon’s campaign focused on Blumenthal, who has been the state’s attorney general for nearly two decades.

    “Dick Blumenthal is a lifelong politician who has no idea how to create jobs, and he’s spent his career attacking job creators instead of helping them,” said McMahon spokesman Ed Patru. He accused Blumenthal of supporting higher taxes and more government.

  12. newsdeskinternational

    McMahon Ad Attacks Blumenthal’s Vietnam Claims

    Just hours before the first formal debate in Connecticut’s United States Senate contest, the Republican candidate, Linda E. McMahon, released a new video showing her Democratic opponent, Richard Blumenthal, suggesting that he had …


  13. newsdeskinternational

    McMahon Pledges No More Than 2 Senate Terms if Elected


  14. newsdeskinternational

    GOP Sees Senate Chances Improve

    The race for the Senate continues to heat up as Republicans lead for two seats currently held by Democrats — Nevada and Washington — while another Republican has closed into striking distance for an open seat in Connecticut.


  15. newsdeskinternational

    Vince McMahon Sues Connecticut Over Ban of WWE Garb at State Polls

    World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Vince McMahon has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to stop Connecticut election workers from asking WWE fans to cover up their wrestling garb at the polls.

    The husband of Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon filed the suit in federal court Tuesday. He says Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz is violating free speech rights by telling local registrars they can ask people to cover up or return wearing something else.

    State election law prevents political advertising within 75 feet of the polls.

    But McMahon calls Bysiewicz’s order a “flagrant act of censorship and discrimination.”

    Bysiewicz hasn’t responded to a call seeking comment.

    State attorney general and Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal has recused himself from the lawsuit.


  16. newsdeskinternational

    Conn. judge says WWE fans can wear garb to polls

    A federal judge on Wednesday ordered Connecticut’s top election official to allow voters to wear World Wrestling Entertainment garb to the polls, ruling that it could not be considered political advertising for Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon, the company’s former CEO.


  17. Janet

    Ex-wrestling CEO McMahon makes another Senate bid

    Former wrestling executive Linda McMahon is running again as an outsider for the U.S. Senate after losing her first bid two years ago.


  18. Janet

    Hmm, boy have the Democrats brainwashed the people. anyone with money they are attacked, but the jackass Democrats don’t say how rich they are. So now, just like Romnuts, Linda McMahon is under attack for being rich, and it wouldn’t be so, if she wasn’t a Republican. Hmm, Obama, what kind of spell are you weaving anyway, lol?

    McMahon finds herself on familiar Connecticut turf: attacked, ahead

    Pro wrestling mogul Linda McMahon finds herself in a familiar position this summer — attacked as a candidate depending more on her personal wealth than her political skills to win a U.S. Senate seat in Connecticut — but once again the likely Republican primary winner.

    Fox News

  19. Janet

    And the fight gets uglier…

    McMahon, Murphy to face off in Connecticut to replace Lieberman in Senate

    Fox News

  20. Janet

    McMahon leads Dem rival in Connecticut Senate race poll

    Republican Linda McMahon, the former wrestling executive who’s mounting her second run for Senate in Connecticut, is currently leading Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy by 3 points, according to a new poll.

    Fox News

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